Why I Love Affiliate Marketing – Part 5


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NOTE:  The following is a guest post from one of my favorite
internet marketing mentors.

Why I Love Affiliate Marketing – Part 5
By jimmy d. brown of “Affiliatenaire”

The word “overhead” is not a favorite among those who run
businesses of any kind.  Nobody likes the expenses of
operating a business.  And nobody really talks about them
much when it comes to promoting all of the “money-making”
products and services online.

But, don’t kid yourself, there’s a lot of overhead.

That brings me to the fifth reason why I love affiliate

** You don’t need a big budget to make it work **

Do you have any idea how much money is spent running an
internet business? There are monthly fees for…

* Autoresponders
* Hosting
* Management
* Advertising
* Scripts
* Much more

There are regular fees for…

* Licensing
* Outsourcing
* Support
* Customer Service
* Maintenance
* Development
* Recruting
* Much more

It’s not uncommon to spend tens of thousands (even
hundreds of thousands) of dollars in operational
costs — which is fine if you’ve been in business
a while and are making the bucks. However, if you’re
a newcomer, it can be taxing on your budget!

SIDEBAR:  I paid one girl over $30,000 last year
just to oversee one small part of my business.
No one talks much about it, but there ARE a lot
of expenses involved before you get to the
“bottom line” of profit.

BUT, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need a big
budget to make it work! You can simply use a variety
of free and low-cost marketing methods to generate
clicks to your affiliate link.

That’s why I love affiliate marketing.

You don’t need a big budget to make it work.


Jimmy D. Brown is the author of “Affiliatenaire”, teaching
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