He’S Now Gotten So Good, In Fact, That Other Business Owners Pester Him To Write Emails And Ads For Them, Too…


He’S Now Gotten so Good, In Fact, That Other business owners pester Him To Write emails and ads for Them, Too… copywritingcareer onehe’s now gotten so goodin factjohn carltonsales messagessmall fortunesystem case studythat other business owners pester him to write emails and ads for themtoo…world retail

John Carlton has just posted the third and final Simple Writing System case study… and this one is about nailing the sale in one step.

With a single email.

Now, here’s the setup: Otto is doing real-world retail, and he is utterly dependent on written sales messages to sell big-ticket home theater equipment.

He’s not selling info.

And his business lives or dies on the written word.

Otto’s problem: He was paying freelancers a small fortune…

… and yet he was having a ridiculously hard time trying to squeeze any results out of the limp ads they produced.  It’s a pain being beholden to someone who doesn’t understand how to sell your product.

This is why John urges business owners to get hip to how easy — and lucrative — it is to write the important stuff yourself.

Because no one knows your product like you.

As you’ll see in the interview, after learning only a few small parts of the Simple Writing System, Otto applied his fresh skills to a new project…

… and closed the deal on a 25,000 Euro sale in one step.  Biggest sale of his career.

One step!  When it normally takes multiple contacts (including phone calls and visits), even for the less expensive products.   It’s a very short interview, but I’ll bet it hits a nerve with every biz owner out there.

See it here:


Here’s something else: Otto has agreed to let us see that notorious email.

He’s now gotten so good, in fact, that other business owners pester him to write emails and ads for them, too…

… because he now owns the simple skills to acquire what they crave, but don’t know how to create.

The difference between being helpless… and being powerful in business…

… is as small as learning a step-by-step formula to making your sales messages work.

The bonuses are piling up at John’s Simple Writing System blog.


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