Don’T Try To Fix What Ain’T Broke


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One of my marketing colleagues, J.F. Jim Straw (actually, I’m exaggerating as he’s far past my level in business) keeps sending the same emails to his list over and over again.

You see, Jim is one of the old school marketers who’s been around since the dawn of…

He’s made hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and has even had his own bank (how many people do you know personally who say that?).

So a few days ago I sent him an email asking him why he sent the same emails repeatedly.

He replied that…

If 30 people of 1,000 (3%) buy, it means that 970 people (97%) are still viable targets.

If 30 people of 1,000 (3%) buy, it means that 970 people (97%) are still viable targets.

That made sense… simple and to the point.

I would go further still by listing a few more.

The email could be…

  1. caught by their spam software.
  2. stopped by the ISP’s spam software.
  3. missed by the end user due to any number of reasons.
  • caught by their spam software.
  • stopped by the ISP’s spam software.
  • missed by the end user due to any number of reasons.
  • It could be that the end reader just wasn’t ready at that time to purchase what you had to sell, but their circumstances change.

    It could be that they intended to get it later but forgot.

    What it boils down to is, it’s not always necessary to write a brand new email to sell the same product every time you send it out.

    You can use the same email to bring attention to the same product and keep it in the prospects mind.

    Think about it, when you watch a commercial on TV, or see a bill board or magazine advert, does it change each time you see it?

    No, of course not.

    Do you complain?

    For the majority the answer is no.

    Okay, some times you get a few complaints, just as sometimes you get people opting out of your list.

    However, do you change everything because a small minority decide they don’t like it.

    Keep in mind you can’t be everything to everyone.

    There will always be those who will whinge about what you write, what you say, and how often you say it.

    Forget them.

    The truth is, they’re not really your target market, anyway.

    Chances are, if you look through your stats, they’re the ones who have never bought anything off you, anyway.

    So no big loss there.

    Remember the saying, ‘don’t try to fix what ain’t broke’.

    Why should that be any different here?



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